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you be client, I'll be server
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Title: Techno Groove
Editors: beccatoria & cyborganize
Video: Electra Woman & Dyna Girl (1976) *plus* 1970s video art
Audio: Technology Song // The Polka Dots
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cylon vidding machine
While the rest of you were partying at VividCon last weekend, IRL or virtually with the gathering deluge of vid posts, we were moving out of our apartment! Not nearly as much fun, believe me. I'm not sure when we'll have a chance to delve into this year's premieres, given the travails of our cross-country relocation. In fact, I believe I forgot to order my DVDs this year, so I'll have to try and beg or borrow a set!

So meanwhile, WE are celebrating with recs and goodies from... LAST YEAR. Because that's the way we roll. (Yes, I am really that behind on fandom since entering the working world.)

For reference, cyborganize's VVC recs from 2008 and 2009.

cyborganize & metatxt's Top Twenty Premieres from VVC10

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All of these vids are worth revisiting while you're on your August binge. And if you're up for even MOAR, we created a few mashups in celebration of VVC10! (Mashups: a vidder pastime that involves swapping out the audio on a vid for a new song to produce a humorous and/or thought-provoking effect.)

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FAN: girlslasher by oftheunderworld
Master post for drabbles about Professor Song for femslash100's Academia challenge. I've changed the ordering of some of the prompts in the table but maintained their numbering. This will be written in 10 parts of 2-3 drabbles each between now and July. Series order begins at the top left and zigzags to the bottom right (the two boxes remaining are outtakes).

The goal is to slash River 25 different ways, covering a somewhat arbitrary cast of characters who are on my mind right now (or on the minds or those near and dear to me). I would like to acknowledge metatxt as a collaborator (not to mention beta reader) on the entire series.

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